The “Sunrise” residential complex located on New Sdera right on the Black Sea coast was built by the “Elt Building” company with the most innovative and advanced standards. The complex offers apartments starting with an area of ​​26 square meters and various entertainment centers.

· A public terrace full of greenery containing a pool, jacuzzi, espresso bar and cinema and all under the open air roof.

· Closed and open parking lots.

· Elevators of the highest quality (from Hyundai and Kon).

· A well-kept garden with squares and attractions for the whole family.

· The facades are finished with thermally insulated glass that provides high insulation.

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project management

שותפים של הפרויקט: “RCI”, “ELT COMPANY”, “TBC BANK”, “LIBERTY BANK”, “ROIN WORLD”

RCI היא החברה הגדולה בעולם לנסיעות, תיירות ותחלופות נופש. זהו תאגיד בינלאומי השייך לענק התיירות והמלונאות העולמי – Wyndham worldwide group.
RCI מעניקה שירותים של תחלופות נופש ליותר מ- 3.5 מליון בעלי יחידות נופש בעולם. תחלופות הנופש מתבצעות בלמעלה מ- 6,500 אתרי נופש מגוונים ונבחרים בכל רחבי העולם.



The building also provides luxury services for the comfort of the tenants:

· Maintenance and management services 24 hours a day, electric shuttle services at regular times.

· Advanced security systems and video camera monitoring throughout the complex, shuttle services on request.

· Gym and sauna, fire safety systems.

· A private beach developed under the ownership of “Elt” company, various commercial complexes and entertainment centers.



The project is 100% funded.

The company has all the documents required for construction.

Purchasing apartments is possible through an internal payment plan without interest or with the help of a long-term low-interest mortgage, both for Georgian residents and for foreign residents.

Registration of apartments in your name is possible within one day in case of payment of 30% of the price of the apartment.