Tropical Garden



Only a few kilometers from the center of Batumi, the Tropical Garden residential complex is located in a stunningly beautiful pastoral area. The complex consisting of two buildings of 10 and 20 floors contains luxury apartments with panoramic windows that allow you to enjoy the view of the Black Sea from all fronts. In addition, the complex stands next to a beautiful river at the foot of the mountains and the extraordinary botanical garden Green Cape, which is one of the most popular recreational areas in Georgia thanks to its subtropical environment and breathtaking beauty.

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Tourism in Georgia shows continuous and stable growth from year to year. More and more people from around the world come to see the amazing nature and enjoy the legendary Georgian hospitality.

Those who once visited these great places return here again and again.

After the complex is activated, an apartment management service will be available at your service:

organization of a transparent order system

You can see the profit forecast that your property will bring you in the near future. Any reports on your property for any period. You can plan the arrival of the guests or your guests.

שימור רכוש

בטיחות הרכוש ושמירה על מצב הדירות. המשימה שלנו היא לדאוג לרווחתך. אנו נשמור על הנכס שלך במצב טוב.

ארגון שירות דירות

אנו מארגנים שירות מלא במלונות: ניקוי דירות, שירותי כביסה / גיהוץ / ניקוי יבש. אנו מוכנים לארגן את כל זה עבורכם ועבור אורחי המתחם.

ארגון תשלומי שירות

אל תבזבזו את זמנכם בזה. אנו נעשה הכל בשבילכם.



    • The luxury facilities in the building include:

      · Gym, bar

      · Maintenance services, management and other service teams 24 hours a day.

      · Restaurant

      · Heated pool, spa

      · Personal storage area for each apartment in the basement of the building.

      · Car rental services, a spacious and luxurious lobby and reception desk at the entrance of each building.

      The amazing view, the luxury apartments and the advanced services for maximum comfort, make the Tropical Garden the perfect choice for a dream vacation.



  • The process of purchasing real estate in Georgia is exceptionally simple

    For this you only need a passport to register the apartment in your name at the Law Building

    The process takes one to two hours. The deal registration confirmation appears in the Hajyet building, you can download and print it yourself. The registration process costs a little less than $50.

    There is no real estate taxation.