Alliance Centropolis



(Georgia and Tommie Real Estate Investments) The World Trade Center Association and The Alliance Group present a unique regional hub for business and leisure tourism in Georgia.
You have the opportunity to belong to something global and stick to the pace of your business development. “Alliance Centropolis” presents: the first WTC trade and exhibition center in the region;
luxury apartments for investment in private ownership; 5 star hotel and casino brand;
A Class Business Center; Class shopping center; 10,000 square meters of project area, 3 floors of underground parking.
Type A restaurants and bars. Entertainment and cinema center, spa complexes, baths, gyms and swimming pools The total investment value of the project is 380 million dollars
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project management


“Alliance Centropolis” will boast reception facilities of the kind that can only be found in special hotels of their kind in the world.

The staff in the reception area will receive your guests, store luggage, receive mail from errands,

will answer your phone calls and assist you in all day-to-day matters.


“Alliance Centropolis” includes a concierge service, which offers you almost unlimited opportunities.

The concierge will assist in solving any problem you may have, such as reserving a table at a restaurant, ordering a taxi, ordering tickets, planning tours, solving household problems, etc.

The concierge will fulfill all your wishes and provide you with the best recommendations.


Smart technologies will ensure comfort and safety of our residents and their guests.

The entire area of ​​the prestigious complex “Alliance Centropoli” is monitored around the clock.

The closed circuit television system of the complex monitors the internal and external areas at all times.

repair service-

Everyone knows how difficult and time-consuming it is to find suitable experts when you need to make repairs at home.

A simple task can turn into a long and expensive problem.

The “Balance Centropolis” maintenance service will help you solve these types of problems in a few minutes.

A technical team consisting of plumbers, electricians, joiners and other experts will be at your disposal around the clock.


In order to maintain the shiny appearance of the “Alliance Centropolis” complex and to ensure a higher quality of life and service than usual, it is important to clean the complex and the environment on a daily basis.

The relevant service, as well as all other management services, are provided by the international management company.

room service-

Owners of complex apartments will enjoy all the benefits of room service.




One of the main problems in the city is the lack of parking spaces, which brings great inconvenience to drivers.

The prestigious “Alliance Centropolis” project offers the apartment owners and their guests additional comfort in the form of a three-story underground parking structure,

Which will eliminate the problem of lack of parking for them.

Swimming Pool-

A central part of the infrastructure in the magnificent “Alliance Centropolis” project is the innovative indoor pool, filled with filtered sea water.

This type of medical treatment will help you keep yourself young and beautiful, in addition to creating a calm and fun mood.

The indoor pool has a terrace where you can enjoy amazing views of Batumi and the Black Sea.

spa and fitness-

The dizzying pace of life in Western culture makes it more and more difficult for people to find time to take care of themselves and their health. Running a gym nearby has become something standard for a good life.

The pampering complex “Alliance Centropolis” is equipped with a gym, which allows you to plan your schedule flexibly and not waste time traveling between places.


Restaurant –
The dream complex “Alliance Centropolis” has its own restaurant, which serves its customers around the clock. Alternatively, the breakfasts will be prepared for you by our top chefs and delivered directly to your room. In addition, the complex will include an event hall and luxurious and spacious dining areas for customer service.


The “Alliance Centropolis” lounge will become your favorite place to spend time with friends, sit and relax or hold business meetings.

If needed, you can reserve a seat in the lounge through our concierge, or use room service to deliver what you want directly to your apartment.


If you enjoy spending time in fancy casinos, eating a good meal and meeting interesting people, then you don’t need to book a flight to Las Vegas –

The crazy “Alliance Centropolis” complex will boast the biggest casinos in the Black Sea region.



20% down payment and interest-free payments for the duration of the construction progress
The buyer has the option to purchase apartments in a single payment and receive a special discount.
The buyer can use the services of the partner banks of the “Alliance Group” and get a simple mortgage loan in one day, without proof of income