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Leo Group is the first management company of its kind in Georgia. Our activity is based on the purchase of apartments, renovations and finishing works – we specialize in marketing and renting the properties to potential buyers. At the same time, the company specializes in land sales and legal advice.

First of all,

We have a method that we created

Get to know the variety of the company's assets that are intended for people at the Law Group company, emphasizing the customer at the end, that is, you. You are invited to come in and get an impression of dozens of the company's assets which are located in dozens of points in Georgia.

Our services

A project that is developed correctly increases the return you are guaranteed following the investment. As an experienced property management company in Tbilisi, Tumi and Georgia, we have the tools to develop the most profitable project for you. The development and project management services of the Leogroup company include all stages of entrepreneurship – from the purchase of the land to the completion of the execution. In practice, this means that we will accompany you in dealing with the authorities and provide you with a professional who knows the local bureaucracy. Our management mechanism has an added value because we are focused on the Georgian market only and the meaning for you is saving time and expenses


After hundreds of satisfied customers, we at Law Group can say with full responsibility: we work like a well-oiled machine. There is no case that we have not handled successfully in the past.

Commercial and casino lands

If real estate investments interest you and you are interested in entering the league of the greats, you are invited to take a look at the commercial areas and the casino that we have

Apartments for investment

A unique investment mechanism in Georgian real estate in the cities of Tbilisi and Tumi. Our mechanism has added value because it allows you to build a customized business plan for you and achieve a high return on apartments for rent and sale.

Legal advice

You have a father and a mother. Law Group knows the ins and outs of Georgian real estate. Don't be afraid of buying properties without knowing the laws, that's what we're here for.

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