Rent apartment

The company operates a unique investment mechanism for you in real estate in Georgia, especially in the cities of Tisi and Tumi. In general, our mechanism has added value because it can build a customized business plan for you and achieve a high return on apartments for rent and sale. Do you own an apartment in Orgia? We will be happy to advertise it for you and make sure it is rented or at the highest price. In order to do this, we can use our local professionals and renovate the apartment from the foundation to the tiles. Later on, we will issue a marketing purchase that rises in line with the goals and thus against the potential yield from the property.

Alternatively, we can find you holiday apartments with European standards and help you buy them for investment. In the long term, the apartments will be rented out to residents or tourists and thus generate a constant and attractive return for you. We centralize the renovation, marketing, sale or rental services of the apartments under one roof and save you time and expenses. Now all you have to do is contact one of our representatives and proceed today to invest in the real estate gem of Tbilisi or Batumi.